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8/15/2003 Affinity Fifth Year Anniversary

For Immediate Release

Today marks the Fifth Year Anniversary of Affinity and Anthony gave everyone a surprise that his long anticipated English album "A Song For You" has been released in Hong Kong in July 2003. FYI, this English album was actually recorded 7 years ago with Anthony's previous music company Golden Pony and it's one of his dream that finally came true!

There are 13 outstanding English songs in this album, the Chinese version of a few songs in the album have been already released in Anthony's previous albums. In particular, we would like to recommend the song "After The Love Is Gone" which is a duet performance by Anthony and his best friend Terry Chan. You can purchase this album now at Affinity's on-line store and the expected shipping period is 1-2 weeks.

Member of Affinity has increased over 200 and it marks a significant milestone since we launched in 1998. We have always been providing the latest information and acts as the online library for Anthony and provides a virtual community for fans around the world. For many new members, we would like to briefly describe our history and where Affinity came from.

History goes back to the beginning of 1990, Anthony Lun International Fan Club was established in Hong Kong and the first gathering was held on November 30th 1991 at the Royal Pacific Hotel in Hong Kong. Besides catching the pleasure time with Anthony, members were also very busy to social with each other because it was the very first time for them to share their feeling with their affinity.

After Anthony released his first Japanese album - One Voice Ten Fingers in Japan in 1993, Japanese supporters even came to Hong Kong and to join his fan club. Anthony held his first concert in Japan and many fans attended to show their support. However, many fans in Hong Kong could not get updated information about the concert because information exchange at that time was not as convenient as now.

Since the boom of Internet in 1996, we noticed there is a need to setup an on-line virtual community for fans of Anthony around the world to exchange information and ideas. Therefore, Affinity was established in July 1998 in Geocities first, but at that time, information in Affinity was very limited due to resources we had. With the great support from Anthony Lun Taiwan Private Fan Club and the unofficial fan club at Japan - Tenderly Project, Affinity finally got access to many previously unavailable information and updated news from those countries. It wasn't until Affinity registered the domain "" right after Anthony's Kansai concert in Japan back in July 1999 and we began to work on a 24 months project to re-launch Affinity. After almost 2 years' preparation and hard work and with the support from Anthony Lun and Chi Tao Studio, Affinity the official Anthony Lun Internet Fan Club was finally successfully re-launched in August 15, 2001. Today Affiity is the most comprehensive portal for fans of Anthony on the Internet.

In order to encourage more people to get to know the music magic of Anthony Lun, the management of Affinity decided to roll out the free membership promotion and donation event since April 2002 and the result is very encouraging and noticeable. Applications to Affinity have increased exponentially and many people left their messages in the discussion forum. Again, we should apprecite for thos who have been supporting Affinity for years and in order to maintain our quality of services, we would like to kindly ask for your donation in making Affinity a better place!

You can now donate to Affinity instantly via PayPal by credit card, please note the donated amount is preferably over US$10.

Thank you very much for all your support towards Affinity and we look forward to have many fruitful years to come!

About Affinity

Found in July 1998, Affinity's objective is to act as the on-line digital library for the famous Hong Kong composer and singer Anthony Lun and a unique virtual community for those who want to discover the music magic of Anthony Lun.


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