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Biography of Anthony Lun

In the world of rising stars, few have achieved originality and a defined technique as Anthony Lun. After graduating from the University of Michigan as a classical pianist, Anthony started his singing career in the United States, performing at various exclusive places and at the same time, working as a producer in many recording studios.

He returned to Hong Kong in 1986 and released his first album "SEEK". The album displayed many innovative ideas and subsequently established Anthony as a major artist, composer and arranger. Perhaps his biggest breakthrough came when he won Asia Pacific Popular Song Contest with the song "Lyrics" in 1986 and he also won the Most Outstanding New Artist and Most Creative Pop Song of The Year of Radio & Television in 1987 with this song.

From 1986 to 1989, Anthony Lun's main target is song arrangement, producer and musical director. He mixed the western music essential with Cantonese pop music. He composed over 300 songs with 42 No.1 hits from 1986 to 1997 and he also released about 20 albums.

During 1988, the song, Anthony Lun won the Song of the Year of Television & Radio Hong Kong, Commercial Radio, TVB with the song "Hot Red Lips". In 1990, he won the Best Song & Best Arranger of the year of these 3 multi media with the song "Burn". From 1990 to 1991, with the song "Do You Know I am Waiting For You", "Man Behind The Piano", "Heart Is Still Cold" and "Our Love Is Memory", Anthony Lun became a well known singer. The song "Man Behind The Piano" and "Heart Is Still Cold" won Radio Most Performed Work of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong, "Heart Is Still Cold" was TVB Most Performed Work. With the song "Goodbye, My Love", Anthony Lun won the Gold Award of Asia Music Festival and "Au Revoir, Mon Amour" was the Best Movie Theme of Golden Horse Award.

Besides the awards mentioned, Anthony Lun was the Best Male Vocalist of the year of Commercial Radio in 1991. During 1992, the song "I Said I Want You To Be Happy" was the Most Performed Song of the year of Television & Radio Hong Kong. " I Said I Want You To Be Happy" and "Why Did I Let You Go?" were the Best Songs of The Year of various multi media. Besides that, Anthony Lun also won the Most Outstanding Youth of Hong Kong Award in 1993, Cartier Achievement Award in 1995 and Composer Achievement of Commercial Radio HK in 1998.

Anthony held various concerts in Hong Kong and Japan. Besides being a singer, composer and arranger, he is also a producer and musical director of the famous Hong Kong popular artists like Anita Mui, Sandy Lam, Sally Yeh, George Lam, Roman Tam, Leon Lai, Andy Lau, Lui Fong, Tsin Ting, Pui Lui, Lau Wan and Ng Ngun Yum...etc. Furthermore, he is a movie/drama score composer. The most well known by public is "Au Revoir, Mon Amour". He also participated in the Chinese opera and composed songs. Now, he is busy for his own album and a musical drama for Hong Kong people.

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