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The things that come and go in our lifes, music says them all.
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Affinity is the literal translation of Anthony's family name "Lun" (in Chinese); it means close relationship and similarity of character.

Being an official fan club of Anthony Lun, letting more people know about Anthony's music is the aim of Affinity. Music is one kind of magic. It affects the emotion and behavior of human directly. Languages and boundaries do not limit music. The element of Anthony's success is his talent of music. In order to let more people to discover the secret of Anthony's music magic, Affinity was found.

Perviously, Anthony had an international fan club but it was limited to his supporters at Hong Kong because all the functions were held in Hong Kong. Affinity is welcome for all his supporters because there is no limitation of boundary.

Since most of the overseas supporters of Anthony started to know about him in this few years, they have special interest on Anthony's career history. Thus, Affinity will act as an update information center and online library of Anthony. Members can find the detail information of his albums, composition, MTV, drama participation, radio program, interview, events photo, magazine and newspaper clips…etc. at Affinity.

Not only to discover the secret of Anthony's music magic, Affinity also provides a virtual place for members to share their feeling and comments at or via email with your user ID Sharing is one of the happiest things and sharing your feeling of Anthony's music is the happiest of the happiness.

Anthony's supporters all over the world are enchanted by his music; Affinity is the family uniting all these people together.

Wish Anthony and Affinity success in the future and let our lives fill with Anthony's music.

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