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The things that come and go in our lifes, music says them all.
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4/11/2002 Happy Birthday Anthony and FREE ACCESS to Affinity until 4/12/2003!

For Immediate Release

April 12, 2002 is Anthony's birthday, Affinity sincerely wishes Anthony Lun every success in his music career and many fruitful years to come!

Please kindly drop your greeting message at the following topic "Happy Birthday to Anthony Lun"

As times past by and in coherent with Affinity's slogan "Discover the music magic of Anthon Lun", the management of Affinity has decided to open Affinity's Member Area. We are pleased to announce that every one is welcome to join Affinity for FREE for one year from Anthony's birthday which is April 12, 2002 until April 12, 2003, we sincerely hope more and more music lovers will get to know Anthony's work and learn his great contribution towards Hong Kong music industry

Let's celebrate Anthony Lun's birthday with others and let more people know about Anthony Lun. Please help us to invite your friends and family members to join Affinity now!

There have been many updates for this issue of Affinity newsletter. At the beginning of 2002, Anthony Lun was busy preparing the song compositions for the drama "Secret of Resurrection" with HKRAP and the original soundtrack of the drama is now available to listen at Affinity now.

In Feb 2002, Anthony attended Lam Man Yee's Jaz and Pop Music concert as the performing guest of the night, he received many applause from the audience after his outstanding piano play and solo.

Following in early March, Anthony Lun was invited as the musical director for Deanie Ip's concert in Hong Kong. Six shows tickets were quickly sold out and most of the songs in the concert were re-arranged by Anthony and he was the only guest who was invited to sing duets with Deanie. In additional, Anthony Lun was also the director and composer of Deanie Ip's new album "Fate", as he also appears in Deanie's new MTV "Know Each Other From the Beginning".

Finally, Anthony's next project will be Sandy Lam's concert starting from May 3 2002 as he's been invited as the music director of this concert. As we have learned from historical data that Anthony was always Sandy Lam's musical director since early 80s, we are very pleased to know Anthony will be working with Sandy Lam again after Sandy's absence about 6 years.

We will keep everyone informed on the latest news of Anthony Lun and we truly wish him every success in Sandy Lam's concert.

About Affinity

Found in July 1998, Affinity's objective is to act as the on-line digital library for the famous Hong Kong composer and singer Anthony Lun and a unique virtual community for those who want to discover the music magic of Anthony Lun.


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