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The things that come and go in our lifes, music says them all.
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4/9/2002 Affinity has signed exclusive partnership agreement with Trend Asia

For Immediate Release

Affinity has signed exclusive partnership agreement with Trend Asia ( to bring the powerful and sophisticated polling system to enhance the services in our site. This decision is coherent with Affinity management's strategy in expanding Affinity to be one of the most interactive on-line community in the region.

Trend Asia is the leading on-line survey provider in Asia who changes the way people does business by providing sophisticated on-line marketing research services.

The enterprise level application is completely developed using Microsoft COM/DCOM technology together with Active Server Pages running on distributed Microsoft SQL Servers.

Multiple zones can be established, allowing certain polls to appear only on certain parts of the site. The polling system keeps a very detailed statistical tracking of every active polls and rotates them among the sections on the hosted web sites.

The polling system allows hosted site to add unlimited polls, unlimited questions per poll with unlimited possible answers using Check Boxes, Drop Down Lists and Radio buttons. Trend Asia's polling system can even allow visitors to provide their comments!

Security wise, Trend Asia's polling system is able to limit visitor's vote by implementing cookie based and IP based protection, polls can be created and scheduled to appear at a future date.

On technical side, most of the web site's administrator only need to insert One Line Of JavaScript code onto the pages that is going to host the polls!

Furthermore, the package also allow administrators to export all the polling results for further analyses to MS Excel and MS Word formats.

We hope to use this poll system to gather important information from different areas about what fans think of Anthony Lun.

Please note you should limit yourself only to vote ONCE, any voting abuse will be investigated and your access to the site may be blocked in the future.

You are welcome to suggest new poll topics by sending suggestions to our editors at

Generate Interest, Increase Retention, Drive Traffic, we invite everyone to voice their opinion now at Affinity Poll site (!

About Affinity

Found in July 1998, Affinity's objective is to act as the on-line digital library for the famous Hong Kong composer and singer Anthony Lun and a unique virtual community for those who want to discover the music magic of Anthony Lun.


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