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The things that come and go in our lifes, music says them all.
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11/26/2001 FREE eCard service launched

For Immediate Release

Affinity has launched the long waiting eCard service. Affinity eCard service is FREE, dedicated for those who interested in discover the music magic of Anthony Lun to send greetings to their friends and families. Affinity eCard service aims to help you say more and give more to the important people in your life. Furthermore, the newly launched Web site, provides online cards that allow you to strengthen friendships, commemorate milestones, celebrate holidays, or simply share a laugh - all for free!

We believe that online communication should reflect the personality, style, feelings, and humor of the sender. That's why our site provides many eCards with rich graphics, animations and music. Currently, we have a total of 8 eCards for you to choose from. New cards are added every month so that users always find what they are looking for. You are very welcome to suggestion new categories and contribute eCards by sending the scanned image to, please also indicate the category you want to add the eCards.

Sending a eCard from Affinity can be as simple or adventurous as you'd like. You can head directly to the Most Popular eCards or browse through categories such as "Birthday" "Friendshiop" "Love" and "Wishes". You can also select the midi music and attach to the eCard, pickup notification is another option for your to track the response of the eCard you sent. There are many interesting functions in the site that we strongly encourage you to visit and try out yourself.

Affinity has always been committed to adapting new technology to give users a unique experience every time they come to the site and we sincerely hope the newly launched Affinity eCard service will make every fans of Anthony enjoy their visiting and happy browsing!

About Affinity

Found in July 1998, Affinity's objective is to act as the on-line digital library for the famous Hong Kong composer and singer Anthony Lun and a unique virtual community for those who want to discover the music magic of Anthony Lun.


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